Lucia and Peter are a french duo that makes beautiful minimalistic music. Lucia writes and Peter compliments her poetry with the guitar. Heyden and Ciprien are also part of this melodic compositions.

LP has travelled the world with their unique jazzy indie sound. Even though i don´t understand a word…i love it.


Listen to their first album: L´Empreinte (The Footprint)



Banks is a singer songwriter born and raised in L.A. For the last year she had been touring with The Weeknd but she has finally released her debut album: Goddess and is currently planning her tour around North America.

I would describe her music as a slow fiery electro pop which she accompanies beautifully with her sweet and hypnotic voice.


Music for a night out AND ALSO music to stay in with: PERFECTION.


Begin Again

I watched Begin Again this weekend and i loved it. The movie revolves around music but its NOT a musical, its a story about people who eat, breathe and live music in good, bad and confusing moments.Kira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine and James Corden are the main actors of the film. Begin Again is great but the soundtrack is absolutely REMARKABLE.

 The songs in the film are mainly interpreted by Kira Knightley and Adam Levine. Who knew Kira Knightley could sing!? she is amazing, simple, sweet and fresh. I have no words to talk about Adam Levine, he is a vocal genius.

Whoever wrote the lyrics to the songs: I´m in love with you.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 3, 2012

Listen to this breathtaking soundtrack and do not miss this wonderful, simple y optimistic film.

Glass Animals

This english band released their debut album, Zaba, this 2014. Although they released an EP in 2012, their music career had been on standby since all  members where finishing their college degree. Since then, they have been very busy touring europe and north america. Glass Animals also had a live music session with Spotify which is outstanding.


In my personal opinion…every song i hear from them takes me to a nature environment. I can feel wind, rain and sunshine. I´m obsessed with this band.



Nonono is a swedish trio formed in 2012 in UK.  They released their first EP in 2013 with the single Pumping Blood which helped them make a BIG entrance into the european music scene. This year they released their first album: We are only what we feel. I don´t know about you, but they got me with the title of the album, their music is completely unexpected and full of different shades.


They define their style as bassy beat oriented, hear them and tell us if you agree:


Listen to the irresistible sound of this L.A. soul. She has released 3 EPs: Tree House, Safer and For Love. Around 2010 she collaborated with Skrillex in the song “All I Ask For You“: 



Pennybirdrabbit is an eccentric musician who collects fridge magnets. Her first EP Treehouse is sadder, her songs include strong beats and vocals dominate the songs. The sound is very organic, in this EP you can really appreciate and perceive her outstanding talent. Safer includes more electro elements although the strong beats remain, upbeat lyrics and sound start to dominate the tracklist. Her latest EP For Love, is more playful and silly although more mature instrumentally. Witness her constant evolution:

“We are not really alive unless we are creating.” Pennybirdrabbit.


London Grammar

British trio. Hannah, Dan and Dominic met at University of Nottingham. They debuted on 2013 with the album: If You Wait. They have released seven singles from this album, we are all hoping for new material in 2015. Despite their short career they have played at many festivals worldwide.


They have a unique sound that wonders between nostalgia and hope. I can not get enough of London Grammar and i hope you don´t either.