London Grammar

British trio. Hannah, Dan and Dominic met at University of Nottingham. They debuted on 2013 with the album: If You Wait. They have released seven singles from this album, we are all hoping for new material in 2015. Despite their short career they have played at many festivals worldwide.


They have a unique sound that wonders between nostalgia and hope. I can not get enough of London Grammar and i hope you don´t either.

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It was a long wait but Commotion In The Mind is back with more power than ever. During this next few weeks you´ll start noticing the changes and BIG plans we have for you. Commotion In The Mind will be a space for various interests, although music will remain the main focus.

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Their name is ∆ but pronounced “Alt-J” since the Delta sign is created when you hold those keys on your computer. Gwil Sainsbury the band´s guitarist/bassist explains

“In mathematical equations it’s used to show change”.

Gwil, Joe Newman (guitar/vocals), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards) and Thom Green (drums) met at Leeds University in 2007. The Fourth member, Gus (guitarist/bassist) studied English Literature, they began creating music and producing on garageband, they were surprised with the amazing results and “Alt-J” as born.

Alt J mix and combine majestically their instruments,  ∆ material is very modern and innovative, the harmonies are soothing , they allow each chord and word have a life of its own by giving each space, there´s no rush in their music, the are accurate and give each component of the song a function. The result: Stunning clever material.


Personal Favorite: Breezeblocks



My Most Recent Obsession:

2008 in Chicago, Illinois, Genevieve and Marc founded “Company of Thieves” after meeting in a bar and realizing they were both lost in a huge city trying to find their way, the decided to pursuit whatever it is we pursuit in life together and that was how Company of Thieves was born.

Their first release was in 2009 “Ordinary Reaches” which was a great success and in 2011 they released “Running From a Gamble”.

Company of Thieves is an indie rock band who offers both extraordinary vocals as well as innovative and flawless instrumental composition.

Genevieve´s upbeat, strong and fierce voice is extraordinary and definitely  one of the, if not the most important element of “Company of Thieves”.


Geron Hoy

American Mr. Geron Hoy, currently not signed with any label…pretty sure that will happen soon.

Although he says his music has no specific genre i´m going with a country folky inclination.

His music is  smooth, slow and deep, his first EP “Soldier” stays in that description but in “Lunatic” his second EP Geron Hoy adds a more classic rock feeling to  some of his songs (Lunatic) , a bit like early Bruce Springsteen.