english band

Dan Croll

Dan Croll is a british singer-songwriter who released his debut album on march of 2014. His music merges folk and electronica in a fresh way that makes it friendly to your shoes in order to dance to. He´s the perfect combination of two distant (we thought) genres, he is the border line. His music has an organic feel despite the electronic elements because of the outstanding accuracy he has. He fusions instruments and synth elements in the exact moment that the song naturally needs it.




My favorite one: Maway

Glass Animals

This english band released their debut album, Zaba, this 2014. Although they released an EP in 2012, their music career had been on standby since all  members where finishing their college degree. Since then, they have been very busy touring europe and north america. Glass Animals also had a live music session with Spotify which is outstanding.


In my personal opinion…every song i hear from them takes me to a nature environment. I can feel wind, rain and sunshine. I´m obsessed with this band.